Show Timings



  • All entries are received subject to these Conditions of Entry.
  • The OPAS Committee reserves the right of refusing, cancelling, or accepting conditionally any entry.
  • Entry fees are to be paid when exhibits are delivered to the Show Grounds,cash should not be posted.
    • Minimum entry fee $5 (for 1 to 5 entries) (ie 1 entry = $5, 5 entries = $5), subsequent entries $1 per entry (ie 6+ entries)
    • Section EA (Stirling Fruit Cake) entry fee $2 per entry
    • Section N (Cats) see Section for details
    • Section O (Goats) entry fee $1 per entry
    • Section P (Rabbits) see Section for details
    • All children’s entries (in specified children's classes) .50 cents each • Entry forms can be found in the schedule or on our website at
  • Entry forms can be emailed or posted and must be received by the due date noted under each section.
    • Email:
    • Post: Exhibits Coordinator, Osborne Park Agricultural Society, PO Box 86, OSBORNE PARK WA 6917
  • General entries close Monday, 4th November at 5.00 pm (late entries will only be accepted for Wine & Beer, Floriculture, Cooking, Fruit and Vegetables which can be lodged in the Exhibition Hall at the Show grounds between 6.30-8.30 pm Thursday, 14th November and 9.00-11.00 am Friday,15th November.
  • On delivery of exhibits you will be given your numbered ticket(s) and an access pass for Saturday.
  • A maximum of five entries can be entered in the same class.
  • Every exhibit must be your bona-fide property both at the time of entry and on the day of the Show, or as specified in the section entered. All work must be commenced and completed within the last 18 months. The exhibit can't have previously won a prize at any preceding OPAS show.
  • The arrangement, classification and grouping of the exhibits shall be under the control of the Hall Steward.
  • One Award Card only is issued for each prize. These Award Cards will be arranged by the Hall Steward.
  • Exhibits can be collected after 5.00 pm Saturday or the time specified for the section entered. The Exhibition Hall will be open from 7.30-9.00 am Sunday morning to pick up exhibits. Exception: livestock (5.00 pm Saturday). Earlier removal must be negotiated with a steward.
  • The responsibility for the accuracy of the description of pedigree, and for the eligibility to compete of all animals entered in the various classes rests solely with you. (Ask a Steward if unsure of correct class)
  • The owner or exhibitor of an exhibit, or stand of exhibits, disapproved of by the Committee must, immediately upon notice be, removed from the Show grounds.
  • You may risk disqualification of your exhibit by either refusing to follow instructions or by removing any official placard, ticket, sash or ribbon affixed by the Stewards.


  • Should the Committee consider any exhibit dangerous or objectionable, they may remove it, or refuse admission to the show.


  • All protests/disputes must be given in writing to the Secretary accompanied by a fee of $50.00 on or before 6.30 pm on Saturday, 16th November. The money shall be forfeited to the Society if the protest/dispute be deemed, on due consideration, unfounded or frivolous.


  • If you give a wrong description of your exhibit with the intention of deceiving or defrauding the Society you could be disqualified from exhibiting at any future Show, and the particulars may be published in the minutes of the Society. You will be required to make a statutory declaration regarding the entries if the Committee so desires.
  • If you have been disqualified from exhibiting at any Show of The RoyalAgricultural Society of Western Australia Inc. or at any Show of any Society affiliated during the period of disqualification you are unable to act as agent, representative or employee of any exhibitor at any Show of the Society.
  • During the period of disqualification, no entry will be received from any person disqualified by The Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia Inc. or by any affiliated Society, and should any entry be accidentally accepted it shall be deemed to be void and the entry fee will be returned to you.
  • The Committee reserves the power to reject or remove anybody, from the Show, without being liable for compensation.
  • The Committee reserves the right to postpone, and change, the Show from the advertised date, making what alterations they deem advisable in the Schedule of Prizes or other Show arrangements. The decision of the Committee on all points shall be final without recourse.


  • Every reasonable care will be taken of exhibits, but no financial responsibility will be incurred by the Society. Ordinary precautions will be taken to protect the property of the Society and Exhibitors, but exhibits will not be insured by the Society.
  • The Society is not responsible for any accident that may be caused through the exhibit or exhibitor. It is a condition of entry that you as an exhibitor hold the Society blameless and indemnified against any legal proceedings from such accidents.
  • Anybody contravening any of the Society’s Rules or Regulations shall forfeit any prize money which may be awarded.
  • No entertainment shall be allowed on the ground without prior permission.
  • The holding of raffles on the show ground is not permitted.
  • The sales and use of water pistols, fireworks or sparklers and any product listed on the website is forbidden on the show ground (except for our organised firework finale)
  • Guide dogs are always welcome but please leave pets or unauthorised animals at home.


  • Prize monies to be collected after 4.00pm Saturday, from the Show Office.
  • TThe Society offers awards for different categories as described in each section of the schedule. Awards will be presented at the Society’s annual presentation evening held in June each year.
  • There must be 3 or more entries in a Section. Sash only will be awarded if less.
  • It is the responsibility of all Section Co-ordinators to provide the Secretary with the names and addresses of all award winners before leaving the Show ground. Failure to do this will mean that invitations may not be issued for the presentation evening.
  • An award will be donated by the Committee to recognise the achievement of the exhibitor who gains the most points at the show.
  • Award winners are reminded that a short note of thanks to the Award donor would be appreciated. If you do not have the address, letters may be left with the Secretary.