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The Society was formed in November 1910. At a meeting held in October in the Osborne Park Hotel to consider a project to build a hall and other matters, it was resolved to form a local agricultural society and within a month dairy, pig and poultry farmers, and market gardeners crowded into John Tyler's Main Street shop for the Society's first meeting.

The Society set three main goals which were to: seek expert advice and information on agricultural matters, work for the erection of an agricultural hall; and conduct an annual agricultural show.

The Society, with the support of the community, constructed its public hall at 209 Main Street, Osborne Park at a cost of 6,000 pounds ($12,000). It took less than 3 months to build and was opened on Wednesday 16 August 1912. It was one of the earliest public buildings in the district and became the venue for agricultural meetings, lectures and social gatherings.

Because of the efforts of the farmers, Osborne Park producers dominated the metropolitan areas dairying and horticultural industries. By 1916 Osborne Park was the largest contributor of milk to the city of Perth

The Society has staged an agricultural show every year since, except during the Second World War, when in 1944 it was not possible to conduct the event due to a shortage of able volunteers. That year a fete was held to raise funds to assist those affected by the war.

Due to the urbanisation of the district occurring in the late nineteen fifties and early sixties with the farmers and market gardeners moving out, there was doubt whether the show could continue. The format was changed in 1964 and has continued Friday night and Saturday ever since. A new hall was erected in May 1964 and is still in use.

The Society is still responsible for the annual Show and maintains its presence in modern day Osborne Park, supporting local businesses and activities.

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